Bani Ishq Da Kalma 19th June 2013

Aaj pata hai...mene ek prgrm dekha..."BanI - Ishq da kalma"
wese me prgrm dekhta nahI...lekin jb ye dekha tO meri ankh me pani a gaya...Bani shadi ker rahi h....lekin pyar kisi or se karti h...!!
yer story to chu gayi mere Dil ko...!!
Mujhe wo dekh k apni ek bestfrnd ki yaad a gayi...kyuki me aj bhi use bhot miss karta hu...!!
yer Dil ki baat pahli bar bata raha hu sbkO...pata nahi kesa lagega sbko...!!
By - CharliE...!!
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watch online Bani Ishq Da Kalma

watch online Bani Ishq Da Kalma

Who is the most beautiful Colors bride?

Madhu in Madhubala
Bani in Bani-Ishq Da Kalma
Navika in Na Bole Tum-2
Rajji in Bani-Ishq Da Kalma
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Sometimes to take that next step, and become that person that you have always dreamed of becoming, you have to be willing to shed that old person, the person you were in the past that stopped you from becoming who in life you really wanted to be.
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arti replaced in nbt...:(
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^_^) kon kon jag rha h?
real shaitan abhi bhi jage honge

so Fb ki bhtakti aatmao thoko LIKE

kuch vartalap ho jaye


Abuse /Misbehave / Dirty Language
R.I.P. In Ban List..!!
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Bani ishq da kalma(on colours 10.30pm mon to friday)
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Gear up for a celebrity-studded 'Jago' ceremony in Colors' Bani - Ishq Da Kalma

The grandeur in Colors’ Bani – Ishq Da Kalma (Mystic – An Entertainment Company and Colosceum Media Pvt. Ltd) gets bigger and better with the varied rituals of a Punjabi wedding being dealt with in detail.

After the fun fare at Bani (Shefali Sharma) and Rajji’s (Neha Bagga) sangeet, it is now time for the entire family to seek blessings of one and all with the ‘Jago’ ceremony.

Jago is a Punjabi function where all the women of the girl’s family take a pot - that has a diya lit on the top of it- and roam in the entire village to seek blessings for their daughter.

We hear that various other actors of the Colors family will join the girls’ families for the ritual. Akanksha Awasthi, better known as Rohini of Uttaran, Rajendra Chawla aka Hasmukh of Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki, Indresh Malik aka Bittu of Madhubala and Akhlaque Khan aka Tannu and Bhamini Ojha aka Aarti of Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha will be seen participating in this grand affair.

We hear that these actors will also be seen performing on a Punjabi folk song for the ceremony.

When contacted Adhvik Mahajan better known as Soham said, “Yes, we are celebrating Jago and we did have a few guests on the show.”

Keep reading this space for more updates.
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Akhlaque Khan had a fun time shooting for Bani!

There is a special function happening in Bane - Ishq Da Kalma which will see many actors representing their shows on Colors coming in to attend the same. Akhlaque Khan who plays Tannu in Sunshine Productions' Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2, is all set to be the first seen in this special episode.

Our source informed us that, "Aklaque will be attending the Jaago function which is soon going to be happen in the show. Aklaque will be representing Colors' family who will be joining the Jaago ceremony happening in the village."

We also hear that "Bittu (Indresh Malik) from Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon, Hasmukh (Rajendra Chawla) from Sanskaar - Dharohar Apnon Ki and few other actors will also be joining the ceremony to have fun."

When contacted Akhlaque, he said, "It was a very good experience working with the team. The scene has been shot very well and they had created a very nice Punjabi village atmosphere. It was fun shooting for the sequence."
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Flavor of the Month – June Brides on Television

by 2 Forum 32 on June 17, 2013 in General, Qubool Hai
Majority of the popular shows have wedding sequences happening or are coming up. Weddings are one of the most interesting segment of a show, with elaborate functions, twists and drama that holds an audience. But the best part is the romance, between the bride and groom. This is the time when blower fans are used, candles and clandestine meetings, whispered words, eye-locks that makes one go Haww!

The number of series that are having the wedding sequence will leave the audience spoilt for choices. See, which of these appeal to you. Let us know which wedding sequence was the best you have seen on Television.

Chhanchhan, the show that airs at 9pm on Sony TV and Manav (Anuj Sachdeva) and Chanchan (Sanaya Irani) got married despite Umaben (Supriya Pathak) trying her best to not let the wedding happen. Will Umaben succeed in getting Chhanchan out of the house? Of course, what is a series without some twists and turns.

Saraswatichandra, stars Gaumtam Rode in the title role and Jennifer Winget who plays Kumud are also slated to get married. The sagai ceremony has happened, will the wedding happen? Keep watching Star Plus at 7:30 pm to find out more. Another show on Star Plus has wedding track is Ek Ghar Banunga which airs at 6:30pm and stars Ishita Dutta as Poonam and Rahul Sharma as Aakash.

On Colors, there is more and one wedding in their shows and there are integration with other stars from their popular shows. Bani – Ishq Da Kalma, airs at 10:30pm and has not one but two weddings. One is of Gurbani aka Bani (Shefali Sharma) and the other is Rajji (Neha Bagga). Their Mehendi Ceremony has happened and perhaps twists can be expected. Of course, to add to the entertainment quotient were leads from Sasural Simar Ka i.e. Simar (Deepika Samson) and Bhoomi (Shamin Mannan), the protagonist of Sanskaar – Dharohar Apnon Ki. What will happen? Will Bani marry Parmeet (Gaurav Chaudhary) or will she end up with Soham (Adhvik Mahajan)? Needless to say, for a story to go further, there could be a wedding, a break-up or even something the audience has not thought of.

The other shows that are also having wedding track are Madhubala – Ek Ishq, Ek Junoon – with RK (Vivian D’sena) and Madhu (Dhrashti Dhami). Even Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha – Season 2 is also slated for twists in the wedding ceremony. The Sangeet, Mehndi has happened and now, Beera (Siddharth Arora) has left one night before the wedding. Navika (Jayshree Venkatramanan) is waiting for him. Will he return?

On Zee TV we have Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke (7:30pm), where Mayank (Ankit Gera) and Gunjan (Roopal Tyagi) are tying the knot. Will this marriage turn a happy one or will a rift develop between them. Interesting situations for the couple is coming up for sure.

The number one show of Zee TV, Qubool Hai (9:30pm), is seeing a wedding track for over a month now. The ten day challenge has had a whirlwind wedding track showcase, sangeet, mehendi, jashn-e-bahar and what not. Will the Nikaah happen is the big question looming large. Will Zoya Farooqui (Surbhi Jyoti) and Asad Ahmed Khan (Karan Singh Grover) wed or will Tanveer succeed in her plans to wed Asad herself.

While the shows on television bring you elaborate wedding sequences with fanfare and masti, the storyline each carry forwards is something you will have to watch and find out. Will the June Brides on Television have a happily ever after in their lives? Keep watching your favorite shows on Television and be part of the highs and lows of the characters you have fallen in love with.

Keep watching the Idiot Box, for one of course, needs the time to unwind and escape from reality of traffic, workload and stress. Enjoy.

~genny <3
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forward to ur friends ToDAY AUDITION (16-6-2013) FOR "Bani Ishq Da Kalma" FOR COLOURS TV ,All over mumbai actors and actresses r well invited of age group 25-28yrs for (bhaiya -bhabhi ) and for (friend character) i need age 18-22yrs ,audition are in studio 2000 aram nagar part 2 TIMINGS 12 -7PM, bring your 2 or 3 dresses....and REF N MEET RAHUL SINGHANIA whats app ur pics on 8692800795 ,mail me on,bb pin 280f0300
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watch online Bani Ishq Da Kalma

Game will start within
few minutes. .
Team A - comprises of the names
start with A-M
Team B - comprises of the names
start with N-Z
Bollywood/ Hollywood hints will
given & you have to guess the
Movie. . .

* 10 Points Game
* short allowed for 2+
* abusing = ban(permanently )
* jisne pahle answer
diya uss team ko point mil
jayenge from where that player
belongs too. .
* Each Hint carry 1
point. .
Those who are intrested hit like/
comment. .

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Bani - Ishq Da Kalma 14th June 2013 Written Update

Video Update Bani (Ishq Da Kalma hai) 14th June 2013 Video Watch Online 720p *HD*

The ‘Jaago’ function is about to begin. All family members have assembled in the courtyard. Desho is sad as her sister hasnt arrived but Mama tells her not to worry. The women carry the pots on their head are leave to walk around the entire village. Rano is going towards Bani’s house saying that she must meet Desho before the ‘Jaago’ function. But, she meets with an accident. Amreek, who was in the same car apologizes and asks whether she is alright. Rano mumbles that she wants to meet Bani. Amreek and his friend are confused but they decide to take her there.

Amreek reaches Bani’s house and Happy opens the door. Happy, who was holding a toy gun accidently splashes water on Amreek. Happy apologises and Amreek forgives him. He goes inside to wash his face while Rano asks Happy about Desho. Happy tells her that Desho has gone for the ‘Jaago’ function and if she wants to meet mummyji then she’ll have to walk through the entire village. Bani, who is unaware of Rano’s presence asks Happy about the person standing out. Happy tells her that a lady named Rano has come to meet Desho. However, Rano had already left. Bani is stunned. Rajji sees her and asks what happened. Bani tells her everything. She says she must stop Rano from meeting Desho. Rajji volunteers to go along but Bani tells her to stay here itself.

Amreek comes out of the washroom and meets Rajji who asks why he is here at this hour. Amreek says he came here with a lady who wanted to meet Desho. Rajji says he made a big mistake. Amreek gets irritated and says she has a problem with everything but he also apologises. Rajji tells him to wipe his face properly and takes him in.

The family members, including Sohum and Guggi are walking on the streets. Soon they meet the special guests who have arrived for the function i.e Bittuji from Madhubala… Tannu and his wife from Na Bole Tum.. Tapasya’s Mami Ji from Uttaran & Kishan’s family members from Sanskaar.. Desho welcomes them and says she would have been happy if Bani’s Maasi also participated in the function. The guests tell her not to worry as their blessings are with the kids. The function begins and all of them start dancing.

Rano is running on the road. Scene shifts to Bani who is also running in the same direction. A tired Rano stops for a while says she has to meet Desho and again starts running.

Rajji helps Amreek clean his face. She slowly wipes the mess from his cheek. Both share an eye lock (BG: Piya Re Piya Re) After some time Amreek leaves and Rajji looks at her palm.

Its morning time, ‘Jaago’ function is still on and women are dancing. Rano reaches there and looks for Desho. Bani also reaches on the spot and Sohum sees her. Rano meets Desho and scene freezes on Bani.
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Gurbani- tv- seri bani ishq da kalma. Very lovely song.
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watch online Bani Ishq Da Kalma

Bani - Ishq Da Kalma 13th June 2013 Written Update

Video Update Bani (Ishq Da Kalma hai) 13th June 2013 Video Watch Online 720p *HD*

Episode begins with Bani looking at Parmeet's name written on her hand & then glancing at Sohum. Simar & Bhoomi start dancing. Everyone is busy enjoying their dance while SohNi are stealing glances at each other. Sohum tries to keep himself busy but Sarab tells him to relax & enjoy the dance. Simar & Bhoomi take Binder and Rajji to dance along with them. After a while, Bani walks up to Desho and hugs her. As she turns around, she glances at Sohum.

Guggi asks Simran if Sohum liked the girl and whether he agreed. A dejected Simran tells Guggi that Sohum refused to marry the girl. He wants to keep himself away from all the happiness. Simran excuses herself leaving Guggi lost in his thoughts. Guggi approaches Sohum and asks why he rejected the proposal. Sohum leaves without answering him. He walks in the house and meets Bani. Both share an eye lock and Bani trips due to the dress she was wearing. However, Sohum holds her just in time. SohNi eyelock & BG: Ishq da Kalma.

Bani thanks Sohum and says that she is happy that he is moving on leaving behind all that has happened. Sohum tells her that Simran Bhabhi wanted me to get married. She bought the proposal & hence I agreed. Bani is on the verge of crying but holds back her tears. Sohum says that guests are leaving, its better if she goes outside. Bani walks out & Sohum is sad as he lied to her.

Bani sees Simran and goes to speak to her. Sohum and Guggi watch the two of them. Bani says that she is happy to know about Sohum accepting the proposal. Simran is confused and finally realises that Sohum didnt tell Bani the truth. Guggi and Sohum feel that there is a problem so both walk up towards them. Simran tells Sohum that its getting late & hence they should leave. Bani watches them silently.

Later at night, the Gill family is enjoying themselves as they discuss about the rituals. Mami Ji asks Desho about the next one & desho says that its a tradition where the ladies have to walk with a pot on their heads. Mami starts cribbing as they have to stay awake the whole night. Happy tells that even he would like to join them. Beeji tells him to stay at home with Bani and Rajji. Happy agrees. Mama Ji talks about a ritual where Binder and Desho's family members have an important role to play. However, the atmosphere gets a little tensed as Desho's family members may not participate. Mami says atleast she and Mama Ji are there to support her. Desho thinks that her family would have been here with them had Nirveil not created the mess.

Simran questions Sohum as to why he lied to Bani about the proposal. Sohum says it was necessary as he didnt want Bani to think about him while she has Parmeet's name written on her hand. It was necessary as he wants her to move ahead and it'll be possible only if she forgets him. On the other hand, Bani says that she should now think about Parmeet only. Sohum and Bani both are lost in their own turmoil. Bg: Ishq da Kalma sad version
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Vivek Mestri = bani ishq da kalma damn dis boy is so sexc and hot my new mr lovver lovver 2013 lolz so sad coz ders out on da web bout him or the rest off the cast ahah newHINDI tv serial on SKY CHANNEL 831 ..# new beginning alls

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Serial Bani -Ishq da Kalma ON COLORS
CHANNEL So beautiful Story,Each artist are
Beautifully perfect in there Character....Em
otional And so much Lovingly we all should be
connected to our Families and values and
Respect each other...Such beautiful Indian
Tradition has been Shown in this
watch online Bani Ishq Da Kalma

Amazing song by harshdeep kaur.
Plz hits like.
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Whenever I miss you, I close my eyes, and go back in my memory lane and live those moments again,
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Bani - Ishq Da Kalma 12th June 2013 Written Update

Video Update Bani (Ishq Da Kalma hai) {Mehndi} 11th June 2013 Video Watch Online 720p *HD*

Today’s episode begins with Sohum and Simran waiting at Simran’s friends out. Simran is telling Sohum to wait, as she will only be at their house for 5 minutes and then they can go home together. Sohum is reluctant as there’s so much work to do at Bani’s house. Simran tells Sohum to look up, where they see Simran’s friend bringing a young girl called Sukhmani. Sohum stands up in shock, as does Simran (who stands up out of courtesy).They are all introduced to each other. When Simran’s friend says that there is talks of Sohum and Sukhmani’s rishta, Sohum looks to Simran in a disappointed manner. Sukhmani is quite giggly and nervous. Sohum asks for forgiveness by Simran’s friend and Sukhmani and says he hasn’t come to there for a rishta as he doesn’t want to get married.

The next scene is at Bani’s house whereby Bani and Raji are getting their mehndi done and there are women singing and dancing, (I believe it’s giddha but I’m not sure). Biji even joins in! Desho is awaiting Bani and Raji’s friends and so is looking around in anticipation. Mamaji comes along to ask what she’s doing. She says that the mehndi is almost over and they’re not here. Raji’s mum steps in to say that everything is ready, they’re just waiting on the friend’s arrival. Biji shouts Ghuggi who is walking around and asks where Sohum is. Bani and Raji look up as Ghuggi says that Sohum has gone with Simran, someone then calls him as he is midway through a sentence. Biji then chases Ghuggi. Bani is still looking around as she is sitting getting her mehndi done.

The scene then returns to Sukhmani’s house. Sohum asks them not to think badly of him or that he doesn’t like Sukhmani and how bad it is to reject a rishta. Simran looks up concerned. He says that he didn’t know why he was here but he doesn’t want to marry. He then adds that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, as he may not be able to love them. He says all he can do is ask for forgiveness, especially in case she’s hurt because of him. Sohum then walks off with Simran calling.

The scene returns to Bani’s house. Jas is dancing to a classic mehndi song along with other girls. Jas then gets Bani and Raji up to dance. Raji gets embarrassed and goes to sit back down. Girls tease her as to why she dances so enthusiastically, they ask is it because she was thinking of Amreek. Another girl says that you can tell by her face. Raji is really uncomfortable by these suggestions and then tells them to be quiet. A girl responds saying that she doesn’t like their talk because she only likes Amreek’s talk. Raji walks off. She sees her mum on the phone to Raji’s parents. They’re asking about each other’s functions. Amreek’s mum complains that their house is quiet and nothing is exciting, however she mentions that when Raji comes to their house the house will be exciting. Raji’s mum asks if Raji can speak to Amreek. Amreek and Raji talk. However, Amreek again jumps in to say that he knows that Raji has no interest talking to him and that he doesn’t want to speak to her, but has just followed his mum’s instructions, as she has. Raji jumps in to say that she doesn’t want to talk to him either and puts the phone down.

The scene then shifts to Jas dancing again outside. The girls that were previously teasing Raji go onto tease Jas about how eager she is about the wedding. They start comparing how old Jas is compared to Raji and then Jas walks off – to finish her mehndi. From behind Bani and Raji, Bhoomi and Simar pop out to surprise them. Raji mentions how they thought they wouldn’t come but one of the friends say that they wouldn’t have missed their mehndi.

One of the friends notices Bani looking very depressed. She asks her if it is strange. Raji jumps into say just the way she gets nervous for exam results, she’s getting the same feelings of her stomach going round. The friend adds that Bani looks more depressed that nervous, she then shares her wedding nerves. She advises her that she leaves her mum and dad here, but gains a new mum and dad in her new home and so shouldn’t be depressed, but happy! She then blesses Bani.

The scene returns to Simran’s friend’s house, in which Sohum is leaving. Sohum gets on his motorbike and is called by Simran. Simran rushes to speak to him, she asks him why he said what he said as she has been through many photos and girls trying to find a suitable match. She reminds him that she’s not doing all this for her own good, but for the sake of Sohum. Sohum interrupts and reminds Simran that he never wanted to marry. Simran asks Sohum, if Bani can marry, then why can’t he. Simran says that if he didn’t like Sukhmani, then he can find a new girl for her. Sohum just says that he doesn’t want to marry and wants Simran to stop looking as she won’t gain anything from doing so. Sohum asks Simran if she would like to go to the mehndi, Simran refuses.

The scene returns to Bani’s house, in which singing and dancing still continues. The friends are now teasing both, Bani and Raji about which husband is going to love them more. Another friend reminds them all that they will know depending on how dark the mehndi turns out. Jas (who’s sitting next to Bani) asks Ghuggi where Sohum is and why he hasn’t arrived as of yet. Ghuggi looks up to Bani and tells Jas that Sohum has gone with Simran to look at a girl, as talks of the rishta are going on. Both, Bani and Raji are shocked. Ghuggi walks off. Jas then asks Bani where Parmeet’s name is written in her mehndi, she holds up her hand and behind her hand she can see Sohum walk in. Ishq Da Kalma then plays in the background as Bani stares at Sohum and Sohum stares back at Bani. After the song, Bhoomi and Simar perform a dance, in which Sohum gets trapped in the middle of them dancing. Bani is continuously staring at Sohum.

Precap: Sohum is talking to Bani and tells her that he has received a really good rishta, and has accepted. Bani is shocked and stares at Sohum. Sohum is trying to remain happy and smiley.
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Bani Ishq Da Kalma Full Length Song Saiyaan With Lyrics HD
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Marriage drama in Bani-Ishq Da Kalma.

Bani-Ishq Da Kalma on Colors is currently witnessing marriage preparations of Parmeet (Gaurav Chaudhary) with Bani (Shefali Sharma) and Rajji (Neha Bagga) with Ambreek. However the twist in the tale is will the marriages happen?

Our source informs us that, "While the marriage preparations are on there will be lots of twist and turns as Parmeet who is in US has not yet returned to India while Ambreek is also not interested in getting married. Later, while Parmeet comes over to India, gets married and goes back to the US, Ambreek gets married to Rajji."

"After Bani enters Parmeet's house after getting married she will have to face lots of trouble", ended the source.

Keep reading this space for more updates on your favorite shows.
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Bani dekho iska ishq da kalma dekho sb main toh nbt dekhta just nbt
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Media: 'Bani Ishq Da Kalma' topped the ratings on Rishtey UK but 'MasterChef' still remained first choice, details:
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