Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th June 2013

Marriage drama in Bani-Ishq Da Kalma.

Bani-Ishq Da Kalma on Colors is currently witnessing marriage preparations of Parmeet (Gaurav Chaudhary) with Bani (Shefali Sharma) and Rajji (Neha Bagga) with Ambreek. However the twist in the tale is will the marriages happen?

Our source informs us that, "While the marriage preparations are on there will be lots of twist and turns as Parmeet who is in US has not yet returned to India while Ambreek is also not interested in getting married. Later, while Parmeet comes over to India, gets married and goes back to the US, Ambreek gets married to Rajji."

"After Bani enters Parmeet's house after getting married she will have to face lots of trouble", ended the source.

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Bani dekho iska ishq da kalma dekho sb main toh nbt dekhta just nbt
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Media: 'Bani Ishq Da Kalma' topped the ratings on Rishtey UK but 'MasterChef' still remained first choice, details:
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Bani - Ishq Da Kalma 12th June 2013 Written Update

Video Update Bani (Ishq Da Kalma hai) {Mehndi} 11th June 2013 Video Watch Online 720p *HD*

Today’s episode begins with Sohum and Simran waiting at Simran’s friends out. Simran is telling Sohum to wait, as she will only be at their house for 5 minutes and then they can go home together. Sohum is reluctant as there’s so much work to do at Bani’s house. Simran tells Sohum to look up, where they see Simran’s friend bringing a young girl called Sukhmani. Sohum stands up in shock, as does Simran (who stands up out of courtesy).They are all introduced to each other. When Simran’s friend says that there is talks of Sohum and Sukhmani’s rishta, Sohum looks to Simran in a disappointed manner. Sukhmani is quite giggly and nervous. Sohum asks for forgiveness by Simran’s friend and Sukhmani and says he hasn’t come to there for a rishta as he doesn’t want to get married.

The next scene is at Bani’s house whereby Bani and Raji are getting their mehndi done and there are women singing and dancing, (I believe it’s giddha but I’m not sure). Biji even joins in! Desho is awaiting Bani and Raji’s friends and so is looking around in anticipation. Mamaji comes along to ask what she’s doing. She says that the mehndi is almost over and they’re not here. Raji’s mum steps in to say that everything is ready, they’re just waiting on the friend’s arrival. Biji shouts Ghuggi who is walking around and asks where Sohum is. Bani and Raji look up as Ghuggi says that Sohum has gone with Simran, someone then calls him as he is midway through a sentence. Biji then chases Ghuggi. Bani is still looking around as she is sitting getting her mehndi done.

The scene then returns to Sukhmani’s house. Sohum asks them not to think badly of him or that he doesn’t like Sukhmani and how bad it is to reject a rishta. Simran looks up concerned. He says that he didn’t know why he was here but he doesn’t want to marry. He then adds that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, as he may not be able to love them. He says all he can do is ask for forgiveness, especially in case she’s hurt because of him. Sohum then walks off with Simran calling.

The scene returns to Bani’s house. Jas is dancing to a classic mehndi song along with other girls. Jas then gets Bani and Raji up to dance. Raji gets embarrassed and goes to sit back down. Girls tease her as to why she dances so enthusiastically, they ask is it because she was thinking of Amreek. Another girl says that you can tell by her face. Raji is really uncomfortable by these suggestions and then tells them to be quiet. A girl responds saying that she doesn’t like their talk because she only likes Amreek’s talk. Raji walks off. She sees her mum on the phone to Raji’s parents. They’re asking about each other’s functions. Amreek’s mum complains that their house is quiet and nothing is exciting, however she mentions that when Raji comes to their house the house will be exciting. Raji’s mum asks if Raji can speak to Amreek. Amreek and Raji talk. However, Amreek again jumps in to say that he knows that Raji has no interest talking to him and that he doesn’t want to speak to her, but has just followed his mum’s instructions, as she has. Raji jumps in to say that she doesn’t want to talk to him either and puts the phone down.

The scene then shifts to Jas dancing again outside. The girls that were previously teasing Raji go onto tease Jas about how eager she is about the wedding. They start comparing how old Jas is compared to Raji and then Jas walks off – to finish her mehndi. From behind Bani and Raji, Bhoomi and Simar pop out to surprise them. Raji mentions how they thought they wouldn’t come but one of the friends say that they wouldn’t have missed their mehndi.

One of the friends notices Bani looking very depressed. She asks her if it is strange. Raji jumps into say just the way she gets nervous for exam results, she’s getting the same feelings of her stomach going round. The friend adds that Bani looks more depressed that nervous, she then shares her wedding nerves. She advises her that she leaves her mum and dad here, but gains a new mum and dad in her new home and so shouldn’t be depressed, but happy! She then blesses Bani.

The scene returns to Simran’s friend’s house, in which Sohum is leaving. Sohum gets on his motorbike and is called by Simran. Simran rushes to speak to him, she asks him why he said what he said as she has been through many photos and girls trying to find a suitable match. She reminds him that she’s not doing all this for her own good, but for the sake of Sohum. Sohum interrupts and reminds Simran that he never wanted to marry. Simran asks Sohum, if Bani can marry, then why can’t he. Simran says that if he didn’t like Sukhmani, then he can find a new girl for her. Sohum just says that he doesn’t want to marry and wants Simran to stop looking as she won’t gain anything from doing so. Sohum asks Simran if she would like to go to the mehndi, Simran refuses.

The scene returns to Bani’s house, in which singing and dancing still continues. The friends are now teasing both, Bani and Raji about which husband is going to love them more. Another friend reminds them all that they will know depending on how dark the mehndi turns out. Jas (who’s sitting next to Bani) asks Ghuggi where Sohum is and why he hasn’t arrived as of yet. Ghuggi looks up to Bani and tells Jas that Sohum has gone with Simran to look at a girl, as talks of the rishta are going on. Both, Bani and Raji are shocked. Ghuggi walks off. Jas then asks Bani where Parmeet’s name is written in her mehndi, she holds up her hand and behind her hand she can see Sohum walk in. Ishq Da Kalma then plays in the background as Bani stares at Sohum and Sohum stares back at Bani. After the song, Bhoomi and Simar perform a dance, in which Sohum gets trapped in the middle of them dancing. Bani is continuously staring at Sohum.

Precap: Sohum is talking to Bani and tells her that he has received a really good rishta, and has accepted. Bani is shocked and stares at Sohum. Sohum is trying to remain happy and smiley.
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Bani - Ishq Da Kalma 11th June
2013 Written Update
Video Update Bani (Ishq Da Kalma
hai) {Mehndi Special} 10th June
2013 Video Watch Online 720p
The episode begins with Sohum and
Bani’s conversation on the roof
terrace. He tells her that she’s going
to a new country, new life, new
people, new town and everything
will be new and that she does not
need to be sad. Sohum makes Bani
promise that she will always remain
happy. Bani agrees to the promise,
but is crying throughout and Sohum
turns to leave.
As Sohum walks away, Bani slides
down the wall crying and sits and
cries. Simran Bhabhi, was behind a
wall listening to all that Sohum had
said and comes out from behind the
wall to speak to Bani. Bani is
shocked when she sees Simran (as
she is having a breakdown) and tries
to control her tears by wiping them
Simran says that what Sohum said
wasn’t wrong. She says that it’s
strange how those who teach us, are
the ones that couldn’t understand
us. She says, that Bani needs to
think about her future and her
happiness. Simran then goes onto
tell Bani to forget whatever has
happened, as it’s not going to
happen. She says she doesn’t know
whether what has happened is right
or wrong, but she knows that Bani’s
wedding is about to happen and she
wants Bani to move on with
happiness. She goes onto mention
Sohum and how she wants him to
move on and get all the happiness
he longs for. Bani stands still crying
and breathing heavily, Simran
attempts to comfort her.
Later, Bani is looking in the mirror
when Raji walks by and calls her.
Raji says she was looking for her
outside and stops when she realises
Bani looks upset. Bani asks her why
she has stopped talking, but Raji
brushes whatever she was thinking
off and continues to talk. Raji
mentions how scared she is as
tomorrow is their mehndi and after
their mehndi is the wedding. Raji
says that she’s only got one night
left, then she’s going away from her
family and from Bani. Bani is
looking anxious throughout, and Raji
mentions that they’re moving onto
another family. Their happiness and
their dreams are going to be left.
Bani adds that she does not know
what is written and they hug.
The next scene is in Parmeet’s
house, where they’re carrying out
mehndi preparations. The daughter-
in-laws and mother all relive their
own mehndi’s at their weddings.
When the mother mentions her
mehndi the daughter-in-laws feel
bad as she hasn’t worn mehndi in so
long and doesn’t remember the last
time she actually put it on. Looking
back, she mentions how much time
has passed. She leaves it there and
tells them to think about the future
and tells them how much work they
have to do. The mother tells them
that when Bani enter the house,
there will be a lot of happiness
The next scene is at Amreek’s house,
where Amreek is sitting down and
his parents are carrying out
preparations around him. Amreek’s
mum mentions how Raji’s mehndi is
on the tray and how red the mehndi
comes out is how much Amreek is
going to love her. Amreek looks to
the floor at this point, lost in
thought. They then send the mehndi
tray to Raji’s house.
The next scene is in Raji’s room.
Raji’s mum walks in to find Raji
lying down and tells her to get up,
as there’s so much work to do for
the mehndi. She asks Raji what’s
wrong and checks her temperature.
She then catches on to what’s wrong
with Raji – pre-wedding blues. Raji
agrees and asks how she knows. Her
mum says that she’s her mum. Raji
says that she never imagined her
wedding like this – marrying an NRI
(and becoming one) and having to
go abroad. She tells her mum how
quickly the process has gone: rishta,
takhar, shugan, sangeet, today’s
mehndi and tomorrow’s wedding.
She doesn’t know how Amreek’s
family will be. Her mum tries to
comfort her and tells her it happens
to all girls, an unknown husband,
household etc… She tells her that
she needs to make this unknown
family her own and there’s nothing
else she can do. Her mum tells her
that she understands and she tells
her that Amreek’s family will love
her so much that she’ll forget about
her family. Raji cries and her mum
is shocked. They then hug. Her
mum’s final words are that Amreek
is a good guy and will look after her
and then she carries on with
mehndi preparations.
The next scene is with the entire
family preparing in which Sarabjeet
and Nirvail need to leave. Desho
tries to hurry them. Desho wants
two of Bani and Raji’s friends to
attend the mehndi (I’m assuming
she means Bhoomi and Simar).
Raji’s mum tells Desho not to worry,
they’ll come. SHOCKER: Mamiji then
asks Desho where Sohum is! Desho’s
face drops.
The second last scene is in Sohum’s
house. Simran asks Ghuggi if he is
on her side, Ghuggi tells her that
he’s never not helped someone and
if it is a question of Sohum’s
happiness, Ghuggi will be the first
to help. Sohum comes out and
Simran and Ghuggi act weird.
Sohum is about to go to Bani’s
house but Simran asks him to drop
her off to her friends house. He
reluctantly says yes. They arrive at
her friends house and they both go
inside. Sohum says he’s going but
Simran makes him stay. They then
sit and wait, whilst Sohum keeps
asking to leave. In walks in a young
girl and Simran’s friend. The girl’s
name is Sukhmani. They are both
told that there are talks about
Sohum and Sukhmani’s rishta.
Sohum looks up in shock and turns
to Simran, the episode ends…
Precap: Bani and Raji’s friends
surprise them with their arrival for
the mehndi.
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Bhoomi and Simar to groove in Bani and Rajji's Mehndi in Bani- Ishq Da Kalma!
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sOmE news OF TV .

3-ANUJ SCHDEV OF Chhan chaan Modern Bahu on Sony Tv is VERY NERVOUS TO PLAY MANAV.
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Bhoomi and Simar in Bani-Ishq Da
Celebrations are on in Damini K
Shetty's popular daily soap Bani -
Ishq Da Kalma on Colors. Now to
add on more galore to the
celebrations we will see Bhoomi
a.k.a Shamin Manan of Swapna
Waghmare's daily soap Sanskaar -
Dharohar Apnon Ki and Simar
a.k.a Dipika Samson of Rashmi
Sharma's popular daily soap
Sasural Simar Ka coming on the
Our sources confirmed the news
saying, "The bahurani Bhoomi
and Simar from the two popular
shows of Colors will be seen in
Bani - Ishq Da Kalma. They will be
seen enjoying the mehendi
ceremony of Bani (Shefali
Sharma) and Rajji (Neha Bagga)."
Further he adds, "Bhoomi and
Simar will also be seen shaking
their legs on the dance floor at
the mehendi ceremony. They will
dance on the song Yeh Galiyan
Yeh Chaubara from the popular
movie Prem Rog."
An interesting episode is coming
up for the audience who will get
a chance to watch their favorite
characters from the popular
shows from Colors channel,
coming together in Bani - Ishq Da
For more such updates keep
watching this space.
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It was my dream come true to shoot with Puneet Issarji - Paras Singh Minhas

Actor Paras Singh Minhas is simply enjoying his stint of essaying an antagonist in Colors’ Bani – Ishq Da Kalma (Mystic – An Entertainment Company and Colosceum Media Pvt. Ltd). The guy who plays the character of Randeep Singh, brother to Parmeet Singh (Gaurav Chaudhary) credits his enjoyable mood on sets to seasoned actor Puneet Issar who plays the grandfather of NRI Parmeet who will go on to marry Bani (Shefali Sharma).

For Paras, it is dream come true to work with the veteran actor with oodles of experience. Talking about it, Paras said, “I was shocked to see Puneet Issarji on the very first day of shoot in my serial Bani. He has been my idol ever since the Mahabharat days; I have been longing to work with him.”

His eagerness to act with the big man doubled up when Paras saw Puneet Issar in the same gym that he went to years back. “It was a weird thing as we both used to work out in the same gym when I shifted to Mumbai. We were more or less gym buddies. When I saw Puneet sir on the set of Bani, it was indeed a dream come true to share screen space with him. I have no words to describe how I felt and the whole feeling of working with him gave me immense pleasure and happiness.”

Have a great time shooting with your idol, Paras!!!
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Bani-Ishq Da Kalma
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can u temme the most boring and irritating serial name
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Great news:
Salman Khan will be hosting the 7th season of the father of all reality shows (Bigg Boss) only on Colors...
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Ishq Da Kalma title song of [Bani - ishq da kalma]
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question 3.

Name the show whose tagline is ishq da kalma
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Watch Today's BANI... ISHQ DA KALMA Sangeet Special Episode on colors channel... its A Must watch episode, i m very much sure u will love it...
watch online Bani Ishq Da Kalma

Bani ishq Da kalma.
Better ko
like karo to bani or sona
watch online Bani Ishq Da Kalma
watch online Bani Ishq Da Kalma

Bani,"ishq da kalma".This seriel story based on my life...
watch online Bani Ishq Da Kalma
watch online Bani Ishq Da Kalma
watch online Bani Ishq Da Kalma

Bani and Parmeet to chat face to face!

After all the fuzz finally Bani and Parmeet will come face to face to chat in Damini K Shetty's daily soap Bani-Ishq Da Kalma on Colors'.

Our sources confirmed the news and said, "In the earlier episode of the show we had seen that Bani's (Shefali Sharma) thaka ceremony is carried on with Parmeet's (Gaurav Chaudhary) picture as he can't make it to the thaka ceremony. This leaves Sohum (Adhvik Mahajan) and family members furious on the way the thaka ceremony was carried."

"Furthermore, it will be shown that since Bani and Parmeet had seen each other only in the picture and so also not spoken face to face, Bani's Mami suggests her to go for a face to face chat over the internet. Sohum is also worried on the same issue and when he hears of such a solution from Mami, he is very happy."

"Bani agrees to Mami's suggestion and does a face to face chat with Parmeet, which leaves Sohum relieved from the thoughts that made him curious and furious about Bani."

Don't miss to watch this interesting episode on Bani-Ishq Da Kalma.
watch online Bani Ishq Da Kalma

Bani - Ishq Da Kalma 4th June 2013 Written Update

Video Update Bani (Ishq Da Kalma hai) 4th June 2013 Video Watch Online 720p *HD*

The episode starts where it left off yesterday when Maamiji heard what Soham told Bani. She will make such a n=big issue out if it. She will go down and ask if she did anything wrong. Deshu will tell that she did not do anything wrongs and the Rishta was a good one. Maamiji tells that Soham was trying to cause problems. Then everyone will be shocked. Then Bani tells that Soham was not the one but I was the one who raised the question. I have not even see him ad spoke only once to him how will I know what kind of person he is . This raised many doubts in her mind. Then Sarabhjeet will tell that what Bani is thinking is very correct.

Then Maamiji will tell she will fix it and she will tell that with this age of communication we can talk for every to anyone. Then she then will set up a video chat with Parmeet.

Then Parmeet will apologies to everyone and will tells that he should have called before. Maamiji will introduce everyone to him. Then he will tell that he had booked his ticket 3 times and had to cancel it. Then Maamiji will tell to leave them alone to talk. Bani will be talking and Maamiji will close the door on Soham and Rajji will be very upset. Happy will ask Soham how he liked his hone waale Jijiji. Soham will tell he liked him.

Sarabhjeet will be hurt and Deshu will be tending to him. Then Guugi will ask Soham how he was. Soham will tell he was happy and at peace as all his shaak has gone away and they will go from there. Then Rajji will look at Soham unhappily.

The next day, the whole house would be beautifully decorated. Deshu and Sarabhjeet will tell that they are going out. Then they will find out the car waala has not come. Then Deshu will be complaining and Soham will come there and will tell that the driver had called him saying he was sick. So he drove the car and came. Then Sarabhjeet will tell that he will take the car. Soham tells him he has hurt his leg and so it would be difficult. Then he will take them and so.

Then Bani will be telling Rajji that everything has been done by Soham and everyone is calling Soham for his work. Then she tells that He was the one who changed Amreek’s mind and was responsible for me seeing Parmeet.

Then Sarabhjeet and Deshu will reach Parmeet’s house and he is stunned by the huge house. The Chachaji will come out to invite them in. Soham does not want to go in but Chachaji insists.

Bani here will tell Rajji that Soham was responsible for me talking to Parmeet and all my doubts are cleared. He helps everyone. I would like to thank him but next minute he does some other help. Then Rajji asks is it for you . Then Bani tells he helps everyone. Then she asks Rajji how she liked Parmeet. Rajji tells he was okay but he was not Soham and goes away from there.

Deshu will be greeted by Manpreet and Sarabhjeet and Soham will be sitting. Then Deshu will tell that she just came to give the card and leave . they will not agree and they will make them have some cool drink. Then Deshu will tell that they spoke to Parmeet yesterday and Manpreet says yes he had told her.

Soham will
be seeing the house and he will think that Bani will be happy in such a big house.They will
exchange cards.

Maamiji will be showing Rajji and Bani where they are going to stay after they get married. Then they realize that they will be living far away from each other.
Soham will break down before Simran and will tell that he has lost Bani for ever.
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Finally Bani will get to see her would-be- husband in Bani-Ishq Da Kalma...
watch online Bani Ishq Da Kalma

Wedding preparations in full swing. Dance, drama and lots of celebrity guests. Catch me on Bani- Ishq da Kalma, Monday to Friday @ 10.30pm only on Colors.
watch online Bani Ishq Da Kalma

Bani - Ishq Da Kalma 3rd June 2013 Written Update

Video Update Bani (Ishq Da Kalma hai) 3rd June 2013 Video Watch Online 720p *HD*

The rasam of Bani and Rajji will be taking place. Soham will be looking on, all the quests Padmini Madhu’s Mother, jai’s mother and Divya Tapu’s mom will be blessing them. Then Beeji will ask them to stay till the wedding but the three of them say that they have a lot of work and will have to go. Then they give their blessing and leave. Soham will be waiting there to see that Bani does not make a mistake.

At night Soham will be searching for Bani. Then Happy will tell she is in the storeroom. Bani will ask Happy whether Soham came there. Then Happy says yes. Then Bani was going to thank him when Beeji calls her and Rajji.

She makes them sit and shows some jewels which she had made for them. She asks then to choose and then there will be a mini fight as to who will choose first and then they choose.

Bani goes up to the terrace. She will be standing under fairy lights which are being set up by Soham and his friend. Soham will tell him not to switch on the power till
he tells. Then he asks to switch on the lights. At the same time Bani calls Soham and he drops the lights he was catching and it falls on her. Then he jumps down and removes the lights slowly.

Then he asks her that why she did not object to the wedding when Parmeet is coming only on the wedding day. They have been giving some excuses. He asks her how he has no problem about that.

Then Soham will tell her it is not like olden days when the boy and girl don’t see and get married she tells him she has trust in her parents’ choice, she has met the boy’s
family and they are fine. He tells even the boy will be good but we have to see if he is a good boy for you. Then they both start arguing and at the end he tells her because of such attitudes wall are built in the house much to the shock of Bani.

Mammiji will ask Deshu to call all the guests and she tells that the more the merrier.
Then His friend will come there and keeps the fairy lights. Then Maamiji will ask why are you putting lights here and there and what they are upto.

Then he tells maybe the load is too much.

Upstairs Soham and Bani will still be arguing he will tell her that she has to stop this
wedding and at least postpone it till she finds out about the boy or she will end up like an another Rano. Kooki Soham’s friend will be fiddling with the lights and he asks Soham to check the electric line.

Then the whole lights will go and there will be a black out. Then Deshu will ask Kooki what was the problem. He tells her that the fuse blew and he needed the lantern to fix it. Soham will take the lantern and he will be fixing it when Bani asks hi m about the ultimatum he had given her that either he will tell Sarabhjeet about his apprehensions of the wedding or she will speak. She will tell him not to tell her father anything for this wedding is very important.

He will not agree with her and he is hell bent on saving her from making a mistake which will prove her very costly. He will tell her that you are doing what you want to do and I will do what I want to do. I will tell Sarabhjeet uncle and he will understand me. Then he will tell that the funniest part is you are getting married in two days and that to a person whom you have not seen and you have no problem.

Then the lights will come on and Maamiji who had come to the terrace will overhear what he said and she is very angry and demands to know what he was talking about.
Both Bani and Soham are shocked.

Bani will be talking with Rajji that Soham is so helpful and doing all the work in the house for all of us. She wants to thanks him for what he did and he will do another favor for us.
Rajji will be very angry and will ask her us means Tere Liye?
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Full name : Ajit Singh
Mobile : 9167675834
Mobile : 9022851185
Email :
Interested :

Worked In bhojpuri movie As A Ngetive Role
One two Episode In Colours Chanal (Bani Searail Ishq da kalma)
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Need a male of age 30yrs and female of age 25 - 30 yrs for the upcoming new show and for "bani ishq da kalma for COLOURS TV "

Mail ur pics on -,
BB UR PICS ON 280F03000
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saccha waLa pyaarw h0 gaya yaar :)
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Shooting for "BANI..... Ishq da kalma"
watch online Bani Ishq Da Kalma

Adhvik Mahajan Bani-Ishq Da Kalma
watch online Bani Ishq Da Kalma

I am very much in a relationship: Adhvik Mahajan

Adhvik Mahajan started his acting career in Bollywood with Ram Gopal Varma’s Contract, but the star has no air about it. In fact, he believes that no work is big or small. In fact, when Colors’ Bani-Ishq Da Kalma (Mystic An Entertainment Company and Colosceum Media Pvt. Ltd) came his way, he lapped it up.

“For me, no work is big or small. I am here to act and don’t mind working anywhere, be it a Punjabi or Hindi film or a serial. It’s just that my character must be challenging,” avers Adhvik better known as Soham in Bani….

As a matter of fact, Bani… was not his first show on offer, as he says, “I was given a couple of offers, but I liked this one the most as it is based in Jalandhar, Punjab. I could not decline it being a Punjabi, and the other reason is that I loved the screenplay and the story. Plus the treatment of this show is very different.”

So how has the response been so far? “People love Soham. I keep getting fan mails and messages,” he quips.

Ask him whether he likes TV or films more, and he gives us a quick reply, “I have worked in a play, have done Telugu, Tamil and Hindi films and now I am working in a TV show; for me work is work. The only difference between TV and films is that here in the TV format you get to improve yourself every single day, whereas in films, you have to wait till your next project. So, all said and done, there is scope for improvement here. I like it at the moment.”

The actor is also fond of his co-stars. “We have some very good people on the sets and that is why the set has become like our second home. I like talking to Rita Bhaduri, Sushil Parashar and Sooraj Thapar. Since they are my seniors, I always keep getting feedbacks from the.”

Lastly, on his relationship status, Adhvik confided in us, “I am very much in a relationship; she is not from the entertainment industry and therefore I wouldn’t want to talk about her yet.”

All the best to you, Adhvik!!!
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Bani Ishq Da Kalma Full Length Song Saiyaan With Lyrics HD just like it<3
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Colors Madhubala, Uttaran, Sanskaar To Join With Bani Ishq Da Kalma
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My Mom is so optimistic . She still believes Bani ki shaadi soham ke saath hi hogi . Wo canada waale ke saath nhi .... Bani - ishq da kalma #okieilldie #sorry :p
watch online Bani Ishq Da Kalma
watch online Bani Ishq Da Kalma

Cross-over of Colors’ Madhubala, Sanskaar and Uttaran in Bani – Ishq Da Kalma

Tellychakkar.comreported about the month long celebration of Bani’s (Shefali Sharma) wedding to commence in Colors’ Bani – Ishq Da Kalma (Mystic An Entertainment Company and Colosceum Media Pvt. Ltd) from 31 May 2013. The rituals will begin with the ‘Tel Chadhana’ ritual which is a customary in Punjabi houses.
The show will now have an integration with the channel’s three other shows Dharohar Apnon Ki – Sanskaar, Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon and Uttaran . Parul (Sonali Sachdev), mother of Kishan (Jay Soni) from Sanskaar, Padmini (Pallavi Purohit), mother of Madhu (Drashti Dhami) and Divya (Pragati Mehra), mother of Tapasya (Rashmi Desai) in Uttaran will be part of Bani’s Tel Chadhana to bless the girl.
When contacted, Pragati Mehra asked us to call later.
We hear that this is just the beginning as many such cross-overs can be expected in Bani for the various rituals wherein people from across the channel’s shows will come over to bless Bani and Rajji (Neha Bagga). This particular cross-over episode will be aired on 31 May 2013.
watch online Bani Ishq Da Kalma
watch online Bani Ishq Da Kalma

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